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PGT: preparing for the intake interview

Preimplantation genetic testing

What is PGT?

PGT is utilised when couples are at a very high risk of having a baby with a severe genetic disorder or at high risk of having a miscarriage due to a chromosome abnormality.

PGT requires IVF. Once ova have been fertilised by sperm outside the female’s body, one or some cells are removed from the embryo. These cells are then screened in the PGT laboratory of Maastricht UMC+ for the presence of the parent’s hereditary disease. Only embryos which do not carry the genetic disorder for whose presence they were screened will be implanted in the woman's uterus.


To help ensure that the interview proceeds smoothly, it is important that both partners carefully read the information on the PGT Netherlands website.

Should any questions arise while reading the website, please write them down and ask them during the intake interview. You will have every opportunity to ask your questions at that time.

Making acquaintance

First of all, the interview serves to make acquaintance with you. You can tell us about your medical history and why you are considering PGT.

Your family

During the intake interview, we will briefly discuss your family: your father, mother, and any children and brothers and sisters you may have.

Animation video about PGT

PGT Animatiefilm EN ondertitels

The various steps

We will also explain the steps involved in the PGT procedure and how long they take.

Where would you like to undergo the procedure?

During the interview you may also indicate where you would like to undergo the procedure. Apart from Maastricht University Medical Center+, you can opt to have the IVF part of the procedure performed at the University Medical Center in Amsterdam, Utrecht or Groningen.


Nearly all health insurers reimburse the costs of a PGT procedure under the basic health insurance policy. However, policy excess applies. It is important to note that a patient is always individually responsible for the payment of a PGT procedure. It would therefore be advisable to check in advance whether your health insurer reimburses PGT procedures under the basic health insurance policy. You can find an overview of the total costs of a procedure on our website.


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PGT Nederland is a partnership between the PGT-centre Maastricht UMC+ and UMC Utrecht, UMC Groningen and Amsterdam UMC.

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