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PGT and IVF: reliability and risks

In this information leaflet you can read more about the reliability of a PGT diagnosis and the risks for the woman and the child. 


The reliability of a preimplantation genetic test (PGT) is 95-98%. In other words: the risk of giving birth to a child affected by the disorder after a PGT procedure, for which a PGT application was submitted, is small and amounts to 2-5%.

Chances of success

The success rate of a PGT procedure is approximately 20% for each procedure started. In the Netherlands it has been agreed that three PGT treatment cycles are permitted.

On average, 40-50% of the couples succeed in reaching a continuing pregnancy within three procedures.

Risks for the woman

The risk of PGT for the woman is the risk of the IVF treatment. The risk of complications arising from IVF is a few per cent.

One of the more frequent complications (in 1-2% of all cases) is hyperstimulation, which means that too many follicles mature in the ovaries. The woman may be affected by abdominal pain and may experience fluid retention. In some cases the procedure will have to be discontinued while in other cases hospital admission may be required.

Other potential complications are a haemorrhage or an infection.

Risks for the child

The removal of one or a few cells in a three to five-day-old embryo (the biopsy) will not affect the embryo’s chances of development, as far as known.

In addition, according to the latest knowledge, no increase in the percentage of children with congenital disorders after PGT has been reported in international scientific literature.

Prenatal diagnostics

If you become pregnant after the PGT procedure, a check can be performed to determine whether the PGT diagnosis was correct by:

  • having a chronic villus sampling test performed during the 11th or 12th week of pregnancy
  • or amniocentesis during the 16th week of pregnancy. 

Every pregnant woman in the Netherlands is allowed a noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT). More information on

During the 18th to the 20th week, an extensive ultrasound scan will in any event be made.

Not pregnant after PGT

Should you not become pregnant after the PGT procedure, in consultation with the IVF department, you should decide whether you wish to continue the procedure. Should this be the case, the next treatment cycle will be scheduled.

Most insurers will reimburse three treatment cycles.


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