Maastricht UMC+ Comprehensive Cancer Center - general information about the outpatient clinic

How can we help you?

You have been referred by your general practitioner or your medical specialist to the outpatient clinic of the Maastricht Comprehensive Cancer Center ( (MCCC). 

Being referred for suspected cancer can be worrying, but it does not mean that you have cancer, it can also be a benign abnormality. It is important that you are checked quickly to find out. It is also possible that you have been referred to the MCCC for donation of stem cells. Our patients are cared for by a dedicated health care team who work closely together to provide you with a fast and correct diagnosis. Tests are planned efficiently to avoid unnecessary visits and to limit waiting times.

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The outpatient clinic of the Oncology Center

We realize that this can be a very difficult time for you and your family/loved ones. This information brochure provides you with general information about the MCCC and your first appointment.

The outpatient clinic of the MCCC is not located in the main building of the Maastricht UMC+, but in one of the adjacent buildings: the dr. Tansgebouw. In this building Maastro clinic ( is located. Maastro clinic is located on level 1 to 3 of this building. On level 4 the Dagcentrum Interne Ziekten ( (Center for Internal Disease - chemotherapy is administered here) is located. The outpatient clinic is located on level 5 of the dr. Tansgebouw. ( More information can be found in the paragraph "Accessibility". Read this information carefully.

What to expect?

At the outpatient clinic, appointments are scheduled with medical specialists, nurse practitioners, or other health care providers, for consultation, tests, treatments, to discuss test results and for follow-up appointments. The Day Center "Internal Medicine" ( is also part of the MCCC. Treatments such as chemotherapy, blood transfusions and the administration of medication through infusion take place at the Day Center.

Consultations are scheduled and we try to keep the waiting time limited. Nevertheless it is possible that a consultation lags behind due to unforeseen circumstances. We will keep you informed.

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First appointment

Your first appointment can be made by your general practitioner or referring specialist. It is also possible to make the appointment yourself (a referral is always necessary). If you have not been a patient at the MUMC+ before, you need to register before you come to the outpatient clinic. At the "poliplein" of the MUMC+ main building you go to "patient registration". ( You will have to bring your patient card or the policy sheet of your health insurance. At the MUMC+ we take a passport photo ( of every patient. This photo is included in your medical information file in the context of patient safety; the health care provider can immediately check whether you are the right person. For more information:

In case of change of your personal information (i.e. change of address or switching from health care insurance), you can go personally to "patient registration", or you can call them/send an email (see contact information).

At the scheduled appointment time you register at the reporting desk/computer terminal ("aanmeldzuil") at the outpatient clinic East or West) with your patient card or your appointment letter.

We kindly ask you to bring the following:

  • Referring letter from your general practitioner or medical specialist 
  • An overview of current medications (< 7 days old)
  • Your patient card (in the context of patient safety we are obliged to ask this card for identification)

First you will have a consultation with your medical specialist or with a nurse (practitioner). They will ask you questions, answer your questions and inform you about the potential treatment options and/or following tests. A physical examination can also be part of the consultation. The extent of the consultation depends on your health problem. Please allow plenty of time for your first visit.

Some of the tests and examinations can be a burden. Due to stress and worrying you may forget a lot of the information that is provided. We advise you to bring someone (partner, family member, friend) along. We also advise you to write down your questions and bring them with you.

Types of consultation

There are three possible types of consultation with your doctor at Maastricht UMC+. Your treating physician will discuss with you what the best option is in your situation.

• Appointment at the hospital
• Telephone appointment
• Video appointment

Telephone appointment
For this appointment you do not need to come to the hospital.

  • It is possible that you are called by an anonymous number, so please answer your phone
  • Make sure you are somewhere quiet where you can speak
  • Write down the questions you would like to ask your physician

Video appointment
For this appointment you do not need to come to the hospital.

Blood sampling

Between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm, blood sampling can take place at the Diagnostic Center of the outpatient clinic. The blood sampling request forms can be put in the mailbox in the door of the Diagnostic Center. You can wait in the "Meeting Center" until your name is called.
De blood sampling service has a lunch break from 12.20 to 13.00.

Second opinion

You may have an appointment for a second opinion at the MUMC+. By seeking a second opinion, you may discover additional treatment options for your type and stage of cancer. Or it may just give you peace of mind that your current treatment plan is the right approach. Regardless of the outcome, a second opinion will help you make a more informed decision. The waiting time can be a little longer due to the fact that we request your medical information from your treating specialist. Additionally, your medical information will be discussed in a multidisciplinary meeting before your first consultation. More information about a second opinion: ( 

Meeting Center

Besides treatment, the MCCC also offers other activities such as health information provision and supportive care. The so called Meeting Center (located between the outpatient clinics East and West) serves as a waiting room where you can find additional information. You can ask our employees and volunteers questions or search for information yourself. Our employees can also put you into contact with patient organizations.

Waiting: It is possible that you have to wait for a test result, for your appointment with the specialist, your treatment at the Day Center or blood sampling. We ask you to wait in the Meeting Center. You will be called as soon as it is your turn for blood sampling or your appointment at the Day Center. For your consultation with the specialist we ask you kindly to move to the waiting room of the outpatient clinic (East or West) 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

Supportive care: In the Meeting Center psychologists and social workers ( are present. You can contact them in case of need of supportive care or if you have questions concerning work, finances or appropriate housing. For a consultation, an appointment needs to be scheduled.


The outpatient clinic of the MCCC is not located in the main building, but in the adjacent dr. Tansgebouw (, level 5.

Parking main building:

Parking P7: 

  • Visitors garage of the main building MUMC+: follow route 10-5 yellow
  • Parking at P7 Tanslaan 10: follow the signs "Polikliniek Oncologie", in the direction of the footbridge. Take the elevator to level 1. Halfway down the foot bridge you have to turn left through the swing doors entering MAASTRO clinic. Walk straight ahead until you reach the glass sliding door. Turn left and take the elevator to level 5 (outpatient clinic). You can set your GPS at Tanslaan 10, 6229 ET Maastricht.

The ticket machine for parking P7 is located down at the footbridge of the Maastricht UMC+.

  • If you leave the building via the entrance of Maastro Clinic level 0: cross the street - you arrive at parking P7. Go left and enter the building (between the 2 grey buildings) where you can see the elevator/stairs: the ticket machine is located at level 0.
  • Leaving the outpatient clinic via level 1: you follow the signs "loopbrug naar AZM". Arriving at the footbridge you turn right. You arrive at the elevator/stairs. At level 0 you will find the ticket machine. From here you can leave the building to arrive at parking P7. 
  • Use the address dr. Tanslaan 10 and at arriving enter MAASTRO clinic via the main entrance. On the right (West) and the left (East) side you can take the elevator to level 5 (Oncology Center).

  • Get off the bus at the bus stop "Forum/MECC". Walk to the side entrance of the MUMC+ "Entrance North". After entering the building, follow route 10. Halfway down the foot bridge you have to turn left through the swing doors entering MAASTRO clinic. Walk straight ahead until you reach the glass sliding door. Turn left and take the elevator to level 5 (Oncology Center).

  • If you are disabled or have difficulty walking and you need help to get to the Oncology Center, you can call for assistance of the volunteers from the MUMC+. They are present at the main entrance of the MUMC+.

Contact information

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00.

Outpatient Clinic MCCC:                        +31(0)43-387 64 00
Meeting Center:                                        +31(0)43-387 26 00

For non-urgent questions and making, rescheduling or canceling apointments
(>1 week ahead) you can send an email:

Patient registration: Bureau Patiëntenregistratie: ( +31(0)43-387 68 33 or (
Get assistance from volunteers:


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